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The Baseline Summary has been bifurcated as follows:


The Communication Needs Assessment was conducted by the TIE Foundation with IL&FS for the project PARVAAZ. The assessment was conducted with drop outs students, Madarsa students and parents across three states, Bihar, Haryana and UP. Other important stakeholders were also interacted with to get their perspectives about the feasibility of the project before implementation. The larger purpose of this assessment was to be able to develop a robust and need-based communication plan for the project. The major objectives of the survey were. 

  • To assess the current perceptions of the community towards education and employment, and their overall socio-economic status.
  • To identify the popular modes of communication used by the communities across age groups and possibility of using others that is not in use right now.
  • To ascertain the communication needs and gaps to be able to develop a strategic plan for communication

1.Sampling and Sample Size:

The study was conducted in 12 locations across three states i.e. Bihar, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. From each location 25 respondents were covered for the sample survey. Total 300 respondents were covered across these states.The state wise number of respondents interviewed is given in Table1.

Table 1:Coverage of sample respondents

1 Bihar 100
2 Haryana 75
3 Uttar Pradesh 300
Total 300

2.Gender and Age Group of the Respondents:

In the sample, all the respondents covered were male and out of them around 42% were in the age group of 46-60 years, followed by 30% in the age group of 25-35 years, and 25%in the 36-45 years range. . Four percent respondents were in the age above 60 years in the overall sample. However, in Uttar Pradesh nearly 10% respondents were above 60 years old.The state-wise age of respondents covered is given in Table 2.

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