A Parvaaz Center

A Parvaaz Centre is a Minority Institution selected for Parvaaz Study centre in any Panchayat. The Pavaaz Centre shall play a pivotal role in successful implementation of the project and shall be the face of the project on ground. Since the project is for girls and boys between the age group of 18-25, it is extremely important that the Institution enjoys good reputation in the area.

The Training Centre is taken through a Due Diligence Record to understand their level of commitment.

The Training Partner shall be responsible for the overall operation of the Parvaaz learning Centre. 

A. Requirements of the training centre

I. Infrastructure Requirements for the project

      • The institution can be a local recognised by the CBSE or the State Board.
      • It should be in the neighborhood of the villages from where the beneficiary population has been identified. Should not be more than 5-6 km for the beneficiaries.
      • Classrooms should made available by the school.
      • School should preferably be accredited by NIOS. If not then fulfil the requirements  of NIOS.
      • Classroom should be airy, well ventilated, and accommodated up to 35-40 students.
      • Computer Lab - A room equipped with electric points and the required furniture for at least 5 computers.
      • Library – A shelf for the library books.
      • Science Lab – Sufficient space for arranging the items of the Science kit and for the students to conduct experiments. The room should be properly ventilated, spacious room with water sink.
      • A Bulletin Board and Centre Kit. 

The centre should have a place to exhibit the Centre Kit in the principal’s office or the Parvaaz office.

Centre Kit comprises the following -

1. Students Application Form

2. 2 small Poster of Parvaaz

3. Big Banner of Parvaaz

4. Parvaaz Bags

5. Community Mobilsation Presentation of Parvaaz.

6. Notice Board (Bulletin Board) for Display

II. NIOS Requirements for the project

As the project envisages to get the beneficiaries to undergo education and certified through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), it is required that the Parvaaz Centres are accredited by NIOS. The following documents need to be submitted for accreditation

      • Copy of the Certificate of Registration of the Society.
      • Copy of the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations.
      • List of members of the Governing Body of the Society with their occupations and addresses.
      • Resolution of the Management for taking up Open Schooling courses.
      • Copy of the letter of affiliation from a recognized board.
      • Copy of Audited Statement of income and expenditure of the Society for the past three years.
      • List of teachers indicating their qualifications, designations, experience, and length of service in the Institution
      • Four photographs of the laboratories and the building of the Institution
      • Documents of Land of the school (lease /ownership)
      • Layout plan of the building of the school
      • Copy of recognition/approval from Rehabilitation Council of India, if applicable.
      • List of special teachers/instructors (if applicable) available in the applying institution with their qualification, designation and experience.

III. Administrative requirements for the project (list of documents in Annexure V)

The Parvaaz Centre needs to ensure the following:

      • Making available all documents and applications required for the NIOS Accreditation.(In case of Non NIOS centers)
      • The Training Partner shall arrange suitable classrooms and adequate space for administration  activities relating to the Training Program, which shall meet the following minimum infrastructure requirements:

1. Set up of the classroom for 35-50 students

2. Space for record keeping and related administrative activities.

3. Have electricity, water supply, toilets and other facilities

        • Documentation of enrolment, trainee profiles, trainee feedback etc
        • To ensure that Xerox copies of letter of engagement, Photo ID and BA mark-sheet   of every teacher should one in the Center office and one to NOIDA Office.
        • Maintain registers related to the assets if provided by IL&FS Education for training, attendance registers for Trainees and Trainers, visitors register, etc.
        • Keep record of various documents such as correspondence with local authorities / Trainees, etc, and applications received from applicants
        • Bear the maintenance cost for operation of the training centre in terms of adequate power and water supply.
        • Deploy and meet the expenses towards compensation of Trainers, Centre counselor and for conducting the specified Training Program as per the requirements of IL&FS Education,
        • Ensure safe custody and good conditions of assets (training equipment and resource material, hardware and software) provided by IL&FS Education for the Training Program, and ensure that such assets shall remain free of encumbrance to any bank from which the Training Partner may have or would avail finance for its business.
        • Identifying and marking / labeling clearly, the facility created by IL&FS Education for conducting of the Training Program. This will include labeling (a) the relevant room in the premises, and (b) K-Yan and all other support infrastructure etc., as the case maybe, which are provided by IL&FS Education and is the property of IL&FS Education.
        • Material acknowledgement receipts should be sent to ILFS Office at NOIDA
        • Copy of Counselors and Teachers offer letters should send to HO(NOIDA office)
        • Facilitate strategic linkages with the local community, Clusters & research  institutions, corporate, local public representatives, government officials and other stakeholders, who are relevant and can contribute to effective implementation of the project
        • Provide facilities the training venue to facilitate the Counsellor to (a) upload data in the central server of IL&FS Education about all the trainees, (b) provide records on the progress of training of each batch and (c) other communication with IL&FS Education.
        • The Training Partner shall submit monthly progress reports of the Training Programs. The Training Partner shall also provide such other reports, though not limited to, monitoring and evaluation, financial information, required by IL&FS Education for audit, supervision and record maintenance under MINORITY.

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  • Trained
  • Placed
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